Crawler 1:10 EP CR3.4 Pre-assembled Chassis
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Crawler 1:10 EP CR3.4 Pre-assembled Chassis

Crawler 1:10 EP CR3.4 Pre-assembled Chassis

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Crawler 1:10 EP CR3.4 Pre-assembled Chassis

With custom builders making up a large percentage of the RC crawler community, Absima wanted to offer something this community could really get excited about. We are now offering the CR3.4 in a pre-assembled chassis kit version, for those who want to run this great chassis with their own choice of electronics, wheels and body. The Absima CR3.4 already includes so many features custom builders look for, and is ready to be transformed into a high performance, unique, custom car.
  Please note that this rolling chassis comes WITHOUT body, wheels and electronic components! All recommeded parts you will find below under TEC SPECS


12010_14.jpg     12010_19.jpg 
A realistic designed 5mm CNC machined aluminum frame with a heavy duty aluminum 4-link suspension system
crawlerdampers.jpg   crawlerdampers2.jpg
Oil shock absorbers with internal springs, 5mm piston rods and shock boots provide a silky smooth and realistic response
Height-adjustable body posts to perfectly match the body height to thre chassis
12010_17.jpg    12010_21.jpg 
Portal axles not only offer a greater distance from the differential housing to the ground than conventional axles, they also have another positive feature. With conventional crawlers, the torque applies so much force that the vehicle jumps over the obstacle. The design of the portal axles reduces the gear ratio at the wheels and virtually eliminates the torque surges of the drive. The overall reduction ratio of the axle drive is more than twice that of non-portal designs to insure a smooth run.
12013_15.jpg     12013_16.jpg
A unique hydraulic steering shock absorber design
     crawlercvdshafts.jpg           crawlersteeringangle.jpg.jpg 
...hardened steel drive shafts and a steering angle of 45.8° offer the best possibilities to handle any terrain.
12013_11.jpg     crawler2-gear.jpg 
The CR3.4 chassis features a 2-speed transmission to conquer tough terrain and bring you also fast to the next obstacle. Just push a button on the radio and change from transmission ratio 1/37.1 (low speed) to 1/15.1 (high speed)
12013_21.jpg      12013_10.jpg
crawlerdiffs2.jpg       crawlerdiffs.jpg
Lock and unlock the front and rear differential independently to get the maximum performance on the track - all controlled remotly from your tranmitter and 2x 0,9kg mini servos. Leave the differential unlocked for a smooth handling at high speed. On tecnical trails you can lock the front differential, the rear differential or even both to handle extreme terrain.
      12013_13.jpg      crawlerslipper.jpg
Aluminum motor mount and an adjustable slipper clutch provide a additional protection in extreme conditions.
diffgears.jpg     driveparts.jpg 
  Hardened steel differential gears and drive parts
3x waterproof 17g mini servos for gear transmission and differential lock/unlock
12014_03.jpg.jpg 12014_06.jpg.jpg 
Length: 445mm
Width: 235mm (w/o wheels)
Height: 125-200mm (body mount adjustable)
Wheelbase: 313mm
Weight: 1550g
Approach Angle: 60°
Departure Angle: 45°
Steering Angle: 45.8°
Shock Length: 90mm
Shock Oil Viscosity: 500CPS
Transmission: 2-speed (Hi 1/15.1 / Lo 1/37.1), Remote shiftable
Gear Pitch: Module 0.8/32dp - Pinion 16T / Spur Gear 44T
Drive System: 4WD Shaft Drive
Mini Servos: 0,9kg waterproof (included) 
Absima CR3.4 Rolling Chassis
The CR3.4 rolling chassis allows you to use the components you really want to built in: 
  • Select your favorite 6-CH radio system to enjoy all the benefits of this chassis (note: one channel needed for 2-speed shifting and 2 channels needed for lock differentials)
  • Chose a brushed or brushless ESC/motor combination for rock crawler - the chassis can handle both.
  • Steering servo (waterproof, 9kg or higher recommended)
  • Body and Wheels according to your own taste (wheels need to be suitable for portal axles)
  • Also a battery (LiPo or NiMH) and a suitable charger are needed
12010_10.jpg     12010_13.jpg    
12010_14.jpg     12010_15.jpg 
12010_16.jpg     12010_20.jpg
Example images show body, wheels and electronics which are not included 
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